Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I made some mini pizzas for us today. You wanna know a little secret? Instead of making the dough, I use Rhode's Rolls. Just put the frozen little balls in the microwave for 30 sec. then just roll them out and you have your pizza dough ready!

I am also working on a little project with Brittany for Edelweiss. Excited to reveal once we are done!


  1. cute little pizzas! we make pizzas all the time at our house too!

  2. Woot! Can't wait to see the project ;)
    For some reason NY is lame and I can never find rhodes rolls! It is really annoying. But another great thing is whole wheat pita bread. I just make my pizza on that and it is de-lish!

  3. Umm that Pizza looks amazing! It's weird I totally love cooking these days-and it SO use to overwhelm me.

    I graduated from BYU-I and am from WA too!
    Small world!

    You blog is so fun, new follower :)

  4. love the spring line soooo much and I am soo making those pizzas!

  5. those mini pizzas look so delicious! must try it myself.