Sunday, March 20, 2011

cookie fail

On Sundays Dev always asks me to make him a treat. I saw these cookies on Martha Stewart and decided to give them a go tonight.

Martha shows them looking like this
And these things popped out of my oven. What the heck?

Total disappointment. Looks like plops of mud, or poop...I dunno. It's the worst cleaning up your kitchen after a cookie fail when the cookies don't turn out, no satisfaction.

And isn't that a look of disgust? Good thing he will still eat it even if it doesn't taste like Martha's
Hope you had a great Sunday. We had an especially great Sunday at church.


  1. awww this is too funny and cute!! Hope they at least tasted good :)

  2. aww, don't you just hate when that happens? maybe you didn't measure as correctly as you could've? could be the problem.

    you have a really cute blog! :)

  3. Brian likes treats on Sunday's as well. :]

  4. I love that you post about when things don't turn out on your blog. Usually people want to make things appear perfect but the realistic stuff is where the comfort is. Because really, who hasn't made a bad batch of cookies. I love that you you are real :)

  5. i TOTALLY hate it when you spend the time on buying and then making something and then get all excited to eat it... and it doesn't turn out. total bummer!

  6. haha those still look like they'd be good to me. chocolate's chocolate and i would have eaten them all up without the grumpy face :P haha

    who needs martha stewart :)

  7. Im sorry!!..I totally hate when that happens..It has happened to me many times. I have learned to put a little more flour sometimes, and it has helped!

  8. I hate when this happens! I made cookies on Sunday too and they didn't turn out either! I blame it on the high altitude...anytime I bake in Idaho or Canada nothing turns out right.