Monday, February 28, 2011

wanna laugh?

Dev bought this funny mustache. I told him to put it on when our friends come over for pizza night to see their reaction. We had some good laughs because Dev can't grow a mustache in real life.
 The mustache pulled on his face so he couldn't smile
Then we decided that baby Miles needed a mustache. We think this one makes him look Mexican although he is really Asian.

This one looks so natural to me. hahahah

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  1. Amazing post and lovely blog!!!

  2. Cute blog! You're adorable! I'm an official follower! :)

  3. Hi Becca,

    I just had to stop on over after your comment on my blog! Am excited to browse your space some more. P.S. do you live in Idaho? I've totally been to Big Jud's! A definite must go but yes not really a place you go over and over again.

  4. oh my funny! I love it on baby Miles. What a hoot! Thanks for the laughs.

  5. They don't call him Mexican Miles for no reason! Born with a stash

  6. Oh my goodiness...this is too stinkin' hilarious! I might be addicted to fake mustaches. Is that possible?