Sunday, January 2, 2011

a shabby chic wedding 09

So I got to thinking about my wedding...considering it was two years ago this month. I love to read about how other gals put together their wedding and thought you might want to hear about some things I did for mine! I had a lot of help from fabulous women in my life and maybe you can get a little inspiration from a few things I share! (click on the images so you can see more detail)

The theme I went with was classy shabby chic white and black. The venue I picked I felt had a romantic feel to it so I had the lights dimmed very low and everything else was lit by candles and a few strings of lights.
 All of the greenery along the mantle came directly from outside. One of the cheapest things we did was find pretty greenery from friends yards to decorate and it looked absolutely gorgeous.
The fire place was my favorite part of the venue. It really set the tone. I got the hurricane candle holders at Tj Maxx for a great price and then bought the candles at Ikea, which were a little pricey.

Again all my center pieces were made from the greenery outside. The amazing women (more importantly my wedding planner Nan) put together these green center pieces. They saved so much money and were so fresh and beautiful. 
 Since we had 500 people coming I wanted a little desert that was easy and fun. We went with homemade sundays and lemon and cucumber water. Because I went with the shabby chic theme we went to my local thrift store and bought all of the glasses to hold the toppings as well as all of the ice cream bowls for the guests. Everything was miss matched and it looked so great with my theme. This also saved me money by going to the thrift store for the dishes. 

The string of lights that hung around the windows I bought from Pottery Barn on sale! I love big bulbed lights.  
 This fabulous center piece on the food table was inspired by a chandelier Nan found at a shabby chic store. Of course it was too much money so she decided to make it herself. This center piece got so much attention at my wedding. This picture just doesn't do justice!
I wasn't a fan of having guests sign a book so I bought frames and my quests signed them. Now they hang in our home and they are so fun to look at. 
One of Devin's requests was to have cotton candy. Luckily a family friend had a cotton candy machine so she was in the back constantly making more. These were a hit!

The venue had some weird signs on the walls that we could not take down so we covered them with white paper and black ribbon and blew up pictures of Dev and I. I also wanted to point out in this picture the branches with the lights on them. We just cut down random branches around our home and spray painted them white and then cemented them into buckets and covered the buckets with fabric.
We sent the guests home with these boxes filled with yummy chocolates we bought from Costco. 
I wanted to show this picture because I think the seating really made an impression as well. Having comfy couches and chairs to sit next to the fire place added a nice touch. And again are shown some of the beautiful greenery center pieces. 

Lastly, we left the wedding... like this
Hope you got some ideas, inspiration, or just plain fun looking at some of my favorite parts of creating my wedding! What do you think?


  1. Such a great wedding! I love it!

  2. Wow your wedding looks amazing. I love the fresh greenery.

  3. It really was beautiful! and your pictures don't do it justice. It sounds like YOU should be a wedding planner :)

  4. Your wedding was beautiful and so much fun!