Sunday, December 12, 2010

party time

This weekend we had a Christmas party. We had so much fun chatting, eating yummy sweets, and opening white elephant gifts.

All the goods on the table. 
Me & Kels
 Logan and Taylor- how amazing are their turtle necks..Logan's is a women's by the way.

Caden & Joe & baby girl on the way!
Emily & baby Miles who will be here next weekend!
Of course baby Addison
Dani with her new presh nephew Nathan
Dev being crazy and opening one of the white elephants..Emily's face cracks me up

The white elephant was hilarious, from pregnancy tests to real life gold fish leaking out of a bag.
I love my friends so much and Christmas parties!


  1. haha i loved the pregnancy test!! and that was way fun....i should just copy and paste this whole post!

  2. You guys are always having a party...You have so much fun. I am so glad:)