Monday, December 20, 2010

my school

Last Friday finals ended and we attended the dedication of the BYU-I center. You see, BYU-I is growing at a fast pace and so the leaders of the school/church came to the conclusion that adding on to the school was a must. They broke ground for a conference center/ sports facility and remodeling of another building 5 years ago. This conference center holds 15,000 people and is BEAUTIFUL. It cost millions of dollars and was completely paid before even building. The story about how it all came to be is incredible and I am so privileged to attend such an amazing university. Did you know that the tithes given from church members all around the world make it so that my tutition is much cheaper then it would be for a private university?

This time of year makes me especially grateful for my education and those who make it possible for me to have special experiences here at BYU-I.

Go here to read more and watch the actual dedication to hear the story.

Below are a few photos from the dedication (source:from article above)

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  1. girlfriend. i remember when they broke ground on this project! i was THERE! i can't believe it's done and that conference center is HUGE! I wish i could have gone to that... i totally miss rexburg. how weird is that?