Sunday, October 17, 2010


Got together with friends to carve.
Cute Emily with her baby bump. Miles got hiccups and I was feeling Emily's belly when he was bouncing around. So excited for him to come.

My favorite picture. Dev concentrating really hard. Too bad our pumpkin turned out the worst this year. It was supposed to be an owl on a branch but looks more like a rock chuck (spelling?)

And I have to boast about my hair growing. I have missed my long hair ever since I cut it so short a year ago. I got a hair cut the other day and it looks like it is actually growing now. If only I had hair like Kim Kardashian. HA


  1. you look adorable! girl, you make kim look bad, please.

  2. i am growing out my hair too! And what do you know? i want to copy kim kardashian as well. soon my friend, soon.

  3. I feel ya sista! Man oh man have I been just hating the fact that I even cut it to begin with! I should let you in on a little secret called "maxi-hair." Its seriously the best hair pill out there, and yes, I do not have anything against popping those kinds of pills haha! Ask me about it on sunday - its one of my obsessions.

    ps. youve been tagged. its probably stupid and lame but i feel all official, so humor me. check my blog.