Sunday, October 10, 2010

our weekend

We had these gals over for a sleep over... they insisted on making shakes at 11 at night.
This is what happens when little girls take pictures...
Do I look a shade darker then my usual whiteness? ...I got myself a spray tan. My aunt has an awesome girl who comes to her house and spray tans..for an amazing price!! This girl knows how to do it right and I feel better about it rather then giving myself cancer, plus Dev thinks I look pretty cute. HA.
I woke up to Miley and Bieber blaring in the living room. Little Divas.

We also had a pie party with some of our friends the next night. Don't ask me why I post more pictures of Addison then Kelsi does on facebook. Dev and I are obsessed with her. 

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  1. You do look a shade or two darker ;) Seriously though, who is this girl who does it for you? I might just be interested... my skin is in need of some lovin.