Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day

This Labor Day Dev went four wheeling at the sand dunes and I went to the state fair with my aunts and mom. We go to the fair for one main reason...the food. We strategically buy an outrageous treat and then look around and then go back for another treat. I loved the antiques. My sister Kate and I have grown to love antiques and are actually both starting to collect vintage cameras.

My favorite treat at the fair is always the caramel apple and the corn on the cob. Love my mom chowing next to me.
  Funnel Cake was one of my aunt's favorite treats.

They also have a lot of contests, this was the largest pumpkin a little kid grew.
The chocolate covered cheese cake and Reed's dairy ice cream was a delicious end to our fair outing.Um we are a little ..a lot into it.
We conquered all of the treats we set out to eat and looked at all the fun things the fair entails. Thanks for a great Labor Day girls!


  1. SOoo funn!!!! Did you see the HUGE bags of cotton candy! That was my favorite part!!!

  2. yum! It was a lot of fun! The yummy treats were so good! And the corn was the best! Thanks for joining us on our adventure!