Thursday, August 12, 2010

washington part 1

Dev and I are visiting Washington now. We took my little sister Emma up with us to visit my dad. Dev and I are staying a few extra days here and Emma went back to Idaho today. Now that I stayed I am sad to see Emma go and kinda wish I went with her.

We went to China Town earlier this week and got some food I can't buy in Rexburg. and of course I had to stop by Red Mango my very favorite yogurt shop.

Emma spent most of her time with her best friend Grace. They have been friends from the moment they were born. Divas from day one. Love how much taller Grace is then Emma.

They have a picture of them in this same tree when they were younger. They are getting so old!
My sister Kate spent some time with Emma and I. We decided to give our dog Petey a bath. Emma wanted to jump in with him because Petey gets a little scared of the bath. He looks so happy here...not.
After a while he looked like he was getting a massage.
Sisters. Kate and I are only 18 months apart and Emma is 13 years younger then me.
More Washington pictures to come later in the week.

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