Friday, August 27, 2010

latley this week

Poring my heart out a little....
Although I am not a mom yet, I do feel like the closest feeling I have to being a mom is having my little sister. I talk about her a lot on my blog, but I have this special love for Emma that I have not had for any other child I know. I never knew I could love a child as much as her and I can only imagine what it will feel like when I one day have one of my own.

This week I spent a lot of time with her because my mom is starting to take college classes. I took her and my cousin Olivia to the lake earlier this week and worked on my tan.
Emma is also turning 9 next week! I can't believe it. Because school starts next week, she had a party at "Riot Zone"- a place with tons of fun rides.
I love love this picture of Devin teaching Emma mini golf.
Then she also brought all of her friends to Red Robin for dinner.

Dev and I also went to my two little cousins football game, they both play on the same team because they are close in age. My uncle coaches them. It was so funny to watch these little boys play.
Tonight Dev and I had a little date night with pizza at the park. We chatted and played music from his iphone and danced and ate. 88 cents for that huge root beer. Good deal if you ask me.
Sorry for the nose shot
How could you not love this face? hahah
Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. ok so loved your blog today! That picture of Jared and the boys is awesome! I would love to get a copy of it, liked it in Black/white! And your pizza looks yummo! Where from?? I'm glad you love Em so much, it's preparing you to have your own!

  2. your little sister is adorable!! you will be such a great mom someday!! okay that pizza is to die for it looks sooo yummy hahah!!

  3. You do such a good job on your blog Becca. I really love your pictures too, and I wish I had a big sister just like you.


  4. I totally know what you mean about little sisters. both my two little little sisters (bebe and dolly) have always had that special place in my heart and i love them so much... i always imagined that it's probably a slight feeling of what children would be like.