Wednesday, July 7, 2010

we did it!

That's right.. our softball team won the championship game!! I am so glad Dev put this team together. We have had so much fun with our friends and played hard to win it all!!

Too bad the last team we played had super bad attitudes..oh well we get shirts for winning!
Jeff Dev Danny Tommy Brent
Stasia Ali Olivia Emily Me

waiting to bat

We all laughed at this pic because you can't even see us. Jamie the photographer says it is abstract. ha love you j

Dev and I are going to put together a bbq for the team to celebrate!


  1. haha i was on the phone with jamie when she took that. totally heard her say, "it's abstract!" congrats on winning. looks like fun :)

  2. That's awesome!!!! YOu guys won! I'm sorry the other team was bad loser.