Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Ok my fellow readers (if I have any). You MUST got to the THIS blog. I have talked about them before, but I have won a giveaway and want you to become a follower of their blog. Dev and I were in the library and I found out I won. I literally jumped out of my chair and loudly whispered I WON!  We both were so excited, winning anything is a high light of my day. I was red faced and almost teary eyed because I was so happy. I won a great cook book of a woman I watch on tv all the time! So excited.

Go become a follower of their site, when they get to 1,000 followers, they are giving away a kitchen aid!!!!


  1. you forgot to tell us what blog it is lol congratulations on winning!!!

  2. the THIS... sends you to the link of the blog

  3. GIRL! I totally saw this on Just Cook Already and I was like, YES! I KNOW her! And way excited for you too! Congrats lady!