Sunday, May 30, 2010


Finally a weekend with no obligations! We decided that we would dedicate it to relaxing and doing whatever we want. We have gone on a walk, shopping (which we found some super cute new jeans for Dev), lots of naps, cooking, and lots of other  relaxing lazy things. One of them making homemade pancakes and syrup.

 I love anything homemade, let's face it, it always tastes better. Dev and I decided to try to make homemade pancakes since I already had made the syrup... bisquick will no longer exist here, the real deal was way too good, trust me you should try it.

Now were off to watch the Diary of Anne Frank on our lap top in bed... oh I love you 3 day weekends.


  1. Homemade pancakes? Recipe, please? :)

  2. ummm relaxing doesn't mean happy? Diary of Anne Frank? what?