Monday, April 5, 2010

easter day

We had a really nice Easter weekend this year. I thought I wasn't going to like conference weekend on Easter but conference actually allowed us to focus more on the Savior. Saturday I woke Devin up to German pancakes and we watched conference and later Devin went with my cousins, Grandpa, and uncle to the priesthood session and afterward to dinner. 
Easter day the Easter bunny visited Devin with lots of gum for school, pina colada mix (ever since we went to Cancun he loves it) and lots of candy. We read some stories about the Savior and then we went over to my aunts house and celebrated with them the rest of the day. 

My mom made these marsh mellow shooters out of pfc pipe and put cute colored tape around them... we had a little war with my cousins and  then Dev and I attacked my mom a million times 
My baby sister Emma. She is such a diva. Her and my cousin Olivia did about a million dances for me and I was their dance instructor. She has such a personality, I love her too much.

This is Dev throwing my cousin in the air (they all made me take pictures of them). All the kids took turns about 20825 times because they love playing with him. I know he will be such a good dad one day. All my cousins cling to him whenever we are over.

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