Monday, March 8, 2010

sunday dinners

We are so blessed to have such close married friends while going to school. Danny & Dani and Tommy and Emily have been our closest friends for a while now (the boys Dev has known since he was little), we have so much fun together. We know they will be friends of ours for a life time.

For the past couple Sundays we have started little Sunday night dinner parties. Last week was Chinese night in honor of Chinese new year. Tommy's family is from Laos  and Emily went on her mission to Taiwan so they hosted. This weekend was breakfast for dinner. Dev and I made german pancakes with my homemade syrup ( I hate store bought). Next week will be mexican!

I took pictures of some of Dani's food because she made it look so pretty

Her yummy muffins, all different kinds

Notice the ketchup sitting with me. I have a bad addiction.
Can't wait for next weekend. Love you guys!

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