Wednesday, February 10, 2010


since it is the week of love...

A story. Since I was a little girl my mom, dad, and grandparents both spoiled my sisters and I on valentines day. My mom would always give us some kind of goodies... treats, gift cards, socks, a shirt and of course a card. Sometimes dad would give us flowers. Sometimes even send them to us at school.. thats when I felt really cool. My grandparents  (both sides) also would send a sweet card and always always goodies with.
My family always has tradition that there must be a candy dish out at all times of the year... during holidays, duh holiday candy in a holiday bowl.

Dev and I got a sweet little package filled with a valentine bowl and candies to fill it. Not only that but a hefty check for way to much mula from my sweet mom.

My valentines were always special growing up because my family showed a little love with sweet gifts.

Happy love week!

( these pictures are old... fyi)


  1. oh! I love the love week! I love when parents send you money! I love you please call me back!!!! I'm so sorry about the other day! It's been crazy! I got really sick and that friend I bumped into when I talked to you was my mother in law's best friend and she had actually followed me into Broulims looking for me trying to give me chicken noodle soup and she stayed at our apt for like 45 mins!! I tried to call you a bunch of times! I'm so sorry!!!!

  2. that's a super cute story. my mom STILL sends my sister and me cute little packages for valentine's day.
    (p.s. found you through clothedmuch--such a sweet blog you have!)