Saturday, February 27, 2010


have you heard of this guy before? We listen to him a lot during the yoga classes I go to. I think I might like him.
Dev and I are going to a play tonight (Macbeth, I get extra credit if i go)


  1. yes i've heard him and i LOVE this song! but not as much as i love you! sorry i missed out on yoga this morning, brent was in a b-bball 3on3 tournament at the hinckley. tell me how macbeth goes! we have tickets for next week.

  2. Hi. Not sure I've introduced myself before but I am friends with your Uncle Adam, and was in the Sammamish 2nd ward for a little while with my husband. I just wanted to say I LOVE Kalai and I listen to him all the time. He actually held a private concert for me and a couple of my friends. No joke. And he sang "On my mind" I blogged about it if you want to check it out. He was amazing!