Saturday, February 6, 2010

dodge ball & yoga

At BYUI they offer so many fun things to do. Devin and his friends got together and made a dodge ball team and play against other teams every weekend. This weekend they dominated and the opposing team forfeited (spelling?) after losing so many times. They all wear Sonics Jerseys and I have one too so I represent. I'm not biased or anything... but my boy is GOOD at this game. Some of my good friends came to watch too since their husbands/boy friends also play on the team (ill get a pic of us next time)

Love Danny's pose here, they are entertaining.

Mr. All star

... have you ever done yoga? I know everyone talks about it... but really now I know why. The school offers yoga for beginner/pregnancy/ and advanced . I have started taking classes now and next week will also start to take some work out classes. I LOVE IT. Dev and I try to work out 5 times a week and I am excited to get more into these other classes rather than just go to the gym. What kind of things do you do to stay fit??


  1. pilates it rocks, becca we have a blog finally :)

  2. You guys are at BYUI?? I used to go there!!!! I have to say I kind of miss it... lol