Friday, February 19, 2010

apples and bargains

"this apple is from the garden of eden, you should  blog about this"-dev

I am a produce freak. Here in Idaho.. the produce is terrible. It is a miracle that I some how  picked out the most AMAZING apples we have ever HAD this week. Notice the apple is as big as my head and juicy and crunchy and lovely. Too bad I only bought 3.

The following picture  is clearly awkward but how else was I supposed to show off this necklace? It's Anne Taylor, was 70.. got it for 13. Yep. Love it along with my new black that for 9. Bargain woman.  

excuse all the photobooth pictures. 


  1. I love bargains! It is the best feeling in the entire world knowing you have a super expensive thing that you got for extremely cheap! Where did you find it?? (p.s. boise produce is much better than rexburgs, I think broulim's just sucks at produce!)

  2. LOVE the necklace and blazer... have been thinking about buying myself a blazer...

  3. Please Please! Tell me how you did that?! You're incredible! By the way..... Rexburg does have AWFUL produce... love you.

  4. ahem... donde did you get that blazer? I have been in the market for one for quite some time now and I seriously can't find one that I like or that I am willing to spend the cash on! love the necklace also. great find!