Sunday, January 24, 2010


Cont. of the dinner party night.... We invited more friends over after dinner for cookie monsters (half baked chocolate chip cookies with ice cream on top) and then went to play in the snow, and games and hot chocolate after.

Here is the baker himself

Jamie with our desert

Jen (my cute friend from high school) Jamie and Dani... can you tell were frozen

My cute coat was one of my many gifts from Dev for Christmas, it is even more sweet because it is the SESSIONS snow boarding company (Dev knows how I miss my last name sometimes hehe)

Jam took this shot of Brent and Dev on a tube... they were flying. All of us were peeing our pants laughing at all the kids taking huge falls and rolling down the hills when they hit jumps. So entertaining.


  1. hey so cute post.... you rock girl

  2. Girl! I have that same kitchen aid! Woo hoo for Martha Stewart BLUE!

  3. You are the cutest girl ever at least one of my cutest girls ever!!! Love you guys...I am glad you have so much fun together!! Love Mom