Tuesday, January 12, 2010


"your home should rise up to meet you"

Amen Oprah.
Yes I watch Oprah and yes she had a great show on yesterday. She talked about how your home reflects what is going on in your life and reflects you. So if your home is disorganized or if its nasty messy then so is your life. The quote she said above was talking about how when you enter your home it should lift you up and greet you warmly when you enter. Now that I have my own home I hope that it reflects Devin and I and our life together.
Maybe this is why I want to one day start my own organizing business because I'm so passionate about this subject, but I do know that I feel great about my life when my home and everything else in my life is organized and in order.

and this is what i find on my computer when I leave it with my little sister... a diva wearing an old lady wig, glasses, and bright red nail polish

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