Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A couple years ago my mom invested in some costumes to act out the nativity scene. Now every christmas we dress up and read the story of the birth of the Savior in Luke 2. Now that we have Devin, he has become the official Joseph, Emma Mary, Petie our dog the sheep, Emma's pretend horse as the donkey, and a different narrator every year. I die laughing at these pictures. Dev is so funny with Emma, they are 2 peas in a pod.

Dev and I at his Grandma's home. Every Christmas night they have a big dinner over at her beautiful home. Doesn't he look handsome in his new sweater? I think so.

In Bellevue there is a place called Botannical Gardens. Every Christmas season the Gardens create lights made into flowers and other different things like a swan, alligator, butterflies and lots of other things. If your ever in that area around Christmas, go! It is beautiful!

The grapes were my very favorite! They looked so real!