Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 things

Saw this on a girls blog that inspires me all the time. She listed 10 things that make her happy. In honor of a new year and a new more positive outlook on life... here are 10 things that makes me happy

1. BATHS- with all my bubble bath stuff emma got me for christmas. I'm not even embarrassed to say I take at least 4 baths a week. I love it.
2. LAUGHING- Dev and I laugh together all day... we even will play rock paper scissors with the lights out about to go to bed just to get in a few more good laughs.
3. BOOKS- I loveee to read. That is one thing that has been hard for me while I go to school, I don't get to read as much. This semester I'm trying to find spare time to read on the side... my current read is "The Power of One". Totally recommend it.
4. FUNNY SHOWS- I'm not that big of a movie/ tv watcher but I do have a few favorites... current favs are "My Best Friends Wedding" my mom got me this movie for christmas, I hadn't seen it until now and I think it is absolutely hilarious. I also love "The Office", and my guilty pleasure "Keeping Up with the Kardashians"
5. WORKING OUT- I wouldn't classify myself as a health freak but I would say I love to exercise on a regular basis and eat very healthy. I love everything about staying fit and healthy. It feels so good. Once I graduate I've made the goal to become a fitness instructor so I can work at a gym and teach classes!
6. UM MY HUSBAND-  He's not really number 6 in line ... these are clearly out of order. Never the less... if my blog already doesn't spell it out, I'm a little in love with him.
7. CHURCH- I love my church more than anything in this world... literally. I am nothing without the gospel.
8. FOOD- I eat more than Dev everyday. As a semi newish wife and when I have time I lovee to try easy new recipes plus I have the cutest kitchen aid I got for my bridal shower and about every other kitchen item you can think of to match it..." martha steward blue" is the color. I aspire to one day be that mom who's kids friends want to come over and eat my food. HA.
9. FAMILY- I have such a close family. I am blessed to be so close to extended fam while Dev and I are here. The older I get the more I realize how lucky I am to have such close relationships with all of them. My immediate family has had a lot of bumps in the road and I am grateful for the support and love we get from each other.
10. fashion/organizing/decorating/shoes/photography/music.... ok I can't decide what 10 will be.

I have too much to be happy for.

What are 10 things that make you happy?


  1. your fun friendship makes me happy!!! love you bec.

  2. you are an angel girl... and kardashians is not a guilty pleasure, its totally classy and chic. so you might need to come over again on sunday so we can indulge

  3. You forgot to add me as number eleven. Ha ha. That's such a cool post!!! I really liked that! I learned more about you than I knew before!