Friday, November 27, 2009


Riley should be a model with those gorgeous eyes

by the way i need to point out my new favorite pair of pants.. skinny cord jeans. down east outfitters just came out with a great winter catalog.. i also got a fabulous new dress there as well. check them out!

This Thanksgiving we stayed in Idaho. My whole family including extended decided to all come into town, my aunt Heidi just got a new home so we all had a big party over there. It is a beautiful home and it was fun with all 31 of us over. I'm so terrible at taking pictures and didn't get pictures of everyone sorry fam. Everything was completely homemade and so delicious. My grandpa treated all of us to A Christmas Carol in 3-D, my cousins are hilarious in their little glasses. Later that night all the girls whipped out the ads and we made lists of what we were gonna black Friday shop for. They are are so crazy we had a ball. Hope your Thanksgiving was as good as mine!


  1. Your mom looks like your sister!! haha... We miss you guys!

  2. Becca! I will so put up some more pics of our place! I just need to clean my room before I take pictures of it! :)