Friday, November 6, 2009


A story....
if you don't live in idaho in the winter...your lucky. dev and i usually only go to school in the spring and fall but we made a decision to sign up for "fast grad" at school which means our boogers will freeze and ill complain every morning about how my frozen door won't open and dev will get mad that our geo squeaks because its so cold, in other words we will go to school year around until we graduate. This was a hard decision for us but were more excited about it because we will graduate much earlier.

I made it a point the other night to really pray that I would get some scholarships and also that our neighbors 2 little kids who wake us up at 5 am screaming every morning wouldn't. The next day we woke up to no screaming! and on top of that I got a scholarship for the next 3 semesters! My prayers were answered almost instantly (vert rare thing).

The next night we didn't pray for the babies to be quiet... the next morning i woke up to dev yelling be quiet you little devil in diapers. I looked over at him making sure I heard him right and couldn't control my laughing.

I am excited we are staying here although I do miss my city back at home. I love that my extended family is here. They are so much fun and they spoil us so much, every single one of them gives us something to take home every time we leave one of their houses. I love how close we are to them. My family is so outgoing and I can talk to any of my aunts and grandparents about anything. They are always there for us and I feel their love for dev and I every time we see them. Love you family, love you dev!


  1. winter is going to be a biotch... we will be here too, you guys can come over and get snowed in our apartment too

  2. I'm so glad you love your extended family so much. Wish we could do more. Love you!