Sunday, November 1, 2009


first halloween married. our costume this year was "guns and roses" dev was guns i was roses. we went to our friends house for chicken noodle soup, rootbeer, and doughtnuts... all HOMEMADE. seriously so good. then we went to a halloween party and came back with our friends to watch a scary movie and more doughtnuts and rootbeer.
dev inhaling the dry ice from the rootbeer

our friends jess and mike crack us up... they were ricky and lucy.

looking at this i think i need a tan..really bad. notice devin's skin tight leather pants... dying laughing when he first put them on.


  1. loooooove it!!!! i wish i could have had 8 more doughnuts!!!

  2. Woah! Lovin devin's new look! Danny especially.

  3. ok this is so... funny! This was a good idea on the costumes!