Thursday, October 15, 2009


i have been a horrible blogger lately. I noticed that I am horrible at bringing my camera to anything that we do. i gotta work on that though so i will still have readers. ANYWAYY.
I am a little sad I am not at home in Sammamish for the fall. The leaves on all the trees are absolutely beautiful, also lets just admit it... the ladies in sammamish know how to put on some outrageous parties...( including the amazing bridal shower they threw for me last year! ha) and for fall they always have something going on.
There are so many fun deserts to make in the fall. Dev and I have been putting my kitchen aid to good use: carmel corn, pumpkin pie (which I am impressed with my husbands baking skills), and down below pumpkin chocolate chip cookies which have been my favorite so far.

our cheesy job of being decorative. no one else decorates around here... so we had to go all out for them.

don't know why this pic is side ways.

devin (pre hair cut..) with hot chocolate we made from our amazing hot chocolate maker which we use daily. good investment.

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