Sunday, September 13, 2009

fall semester 09

first day pics...
devin made me pose that way.
can i just say that I am NOT looking forward to this semester. We are both going to be on homework overload 24/7. However I am excited for all the fun holidays coming. Devin will tell you that I start listening to christmas music in October.


  1. I listen to christmas music all year long! a week ago we watched the santa claus and drank hot chocolate :)

  2. yeah for Christmas! remember when Kimberley i came back from thanksgiving and you and Alli had our whole place all decorated . You even tired making us a pie! Baha i am christmas

  3. hey you look cute. this is my blog... hit me up

  4. so cute that you two took pictures of your first day of school! You are a great pie maker, by the way!