Saturday, August 22, 2009

my first camping experience

How could I have never gone camping before? Don't ask me. The closest time I have ever gone camping was through church activities like girls camp and the trek but never on my own free will. Thats why I suggested to Dev that we go camping. We took our good friends Dani and Danny with us to "Beaver dick" (nice name I know).
We bbq-ed zucchini, potatoes, and chicken, a bon fire followed with a few other friends we ran into there and after a few games. Can I just tell you I'm not an animal all. Most of you already know this. We all woke up at 4 am to probably 5 coyotes killing a rabbit, rooster crowing, and rats trying to enter our tents. I begged Devin to take me home right then but he said I needed to have the real camping experience. We ended up leaving still pretty early anyway .I liked it. Don't think I want to go back again for a while though.

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