Wednesday, July 29, 2009

were off to a vacation

just a year ago devin and i were dating, and he brought me to crescent bar-an annual family get together at a little resort where spent a week with his extended family...

a year later were married and I'm on my way to round 2 at crescent bar! wish devin luck that he doesnt break any bones and me i don't have any seizers. i love to watch him wake board but i get a little nervous with all the insane tricks he does, and the last time i wake boarded at crescent bar i smacked my head on the water and blacked out.

we also last min. decided to go to seattle right after. we haven't been home since we got married. were hoping the good ol geo can make it there. and i'm praying i don't go shopping crazy and want to spend all our money. my little sister emma has no idea were coming, she is going to be so surprised.


  1. i love cresent bar!!! have fun!

  2. Oh! I'm so excited for you!!! Then I guess I'll just see ya next week!