Sunday, July 5, 2009

part 2 and sad its over

This was by far the best 4th. my mom's whole side of the family came to town and we had a huge party at my grandparents house over the weekend. I loved every minute. Big family get togethers always remind me how much I love my family. I think Dev and I gained 80 pounds from all the good food. I didn't get pictures of everyone because I was having too much fun...
First I had to post these beauties from my grandma's yard that she let me have for my home. I love fresh flowers sitting on a table it reminds me of my house growing up.
issac taylor bryce
not the most beautiful picture of me and my mom
olivia allie emma

aunt heidi and uncle jared
one of my favorite pictures. grandpa.
my goofy mom
my cousin tyler who goes to byui with us

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  1. awww, im glad you had such a good weekend bec! i loved the pics of you & emma. and the cotton candy one in the post below...HILARIOUS.