Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Dani's dad works at a coal mine (he does the business stuff) we wanted to go down and see what it was like. The boys were loving the HUGE trucks they used for the coal. 

Here is us inside of a HUGE scoop they use to pick up the coal. Can you believe it's THAT big.We look hilarious. We had to wear all this safety gear on the sight. 
Then we went shooting. Her dad had lots of fun guns that we played with. Here is Dev lovin life. 
Devin took about a billion photos of me shooting. He was so proud of me for shooting the targets. (not bad for a first timer might I add)
this is devin the dog whisperer. dani has 4 dogs, devin called these two his twins.
For some reason he thought this dog looked like a toupee..don't ask me. 
Then we went to Devil's tower. This place was awesome. It is a HUGE random volcano geological thing (not sure exactly what they call it). It basically is a huge rock looking thing in the middle of a field that is hundreds of feet tall. We hiked around and had a picnic. 

We had fun and it was nice to get away for a week. Thanks Beans!

oh and I couldn't forget to add this video at the coal site. This is me going up on one of those monster machines. It is scarier than it looks. 

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