Wednesday, October 1, 2008

new bloggers

Only cool people who get married use blogs... guess We better get on the band wagon. 

Note: I did not name this blog, I tried to convince Devin for over a 1/2 hour that I thought it sounded like a cheesy business name but he said I had to put it down because he just used his manager's salary on my pretty ring. 

For all you curious kids out there, Devin and I got engaged last Saturday night.
I give him props for his creativity. 
We were going to meet another couple at the Sand Dunes for a "bon fire".
When we got there on the sand there was a message made of rope and lighter fluid that lit up- Will you marry me.... and a sweet firework. 


  1. I love the Pics!! I am excited to have you as a son!! Be good!!
    Love Mom (Jody)

  2. I like the pics and the creative engagement with the fire. It is great to see you so much in love. It will be fun to finally have a daughter. We love Devin's taste in his wife. Beca is so much like Devin, finally the daughter I never had. We love you Beca.
    Love Doug (dad)